WP 1

Project management

The aim of the Work Package is to ensure a successful delivery of the project. The objectives are:  To ensure sufficient scientific quality by coordinating collaboration between the different management bodies,
individual partners and individual WPs to ensure vertical and horizontal integration within the project… read more

WP 2

Scenarios, use cases and Requirements

The objectives of WP2 are;  Define reference scenarios and use cases of consideration for In-X subnetworks considering industrial, vehicular and commercial use cases. For the considered use cases, identify modelling assumptions of the traffic to be handled over the in-X subnetworks. Identify relevant KPIs for in-X subnetworks with the … read more

WP 3

PHY and MAC enablers

WP3 focuses on the design of PHY and MAC enablers for supporting extreme communication requirements for in-X subnetworks. The objectives of WP3 are: Identify PHY enablers for supporting ultra-low latencies and/or extreme reliability, also exploiting macro-diversitysolutions for achieving robustness to bloc… read more

WP 4

Radio resource and operation management

This WP deals with subnetwork operations at higher layers than the ones studied in WP3. The main objectives of WP4 are: Study the impact of interference in the identified scenarios and use cases. Develop novel mechanisms for 6G in-X subnetworks radio resource management for the case of centralized, distributed, and… read more

WP 5

Proof of concept

The objectives of WP5 are; Identify technical solutions designed for TC2, TC6, TC8, TC11, TC12, TC13, TC15 to be demonstrated.  Implement and evaluate a first version of the technology components to be demonstrated. Implement and evaluate a refined version of the technology components to be… read more

WP 6

Communication, dissemination and exploitation

The purpose of this work package is to maximize the public, scientific, industrial and political awareness of the project, and the impact of the project in regard to the target groups. The objectives of WP6 “Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation” are: Organize and… read more

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